With Hope

“I believe that imagination is stronger than knowledge. That myth is more potent than history. That dreams are more powerful than facts. That hope always triumphs over experience. That laughter is the only cure for grief. And I believe that love is stronger than death.”
― Robert Fulghum,
All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten

"Hope",  Nikon D700, ISO 200, f/2.8 at 1/800th sec., 200mm

“Waiting with Hope”, Nikon D700, ISO 200, f/2.8 at 1/800th sec., 200mm

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Photographing people, places, pets and ponderings throughout Central Florida.

Idol Hope

“Whatever controls us is our lord. The person who seeks power is controlled by power. The person who seeks acceptance is controlled by acceptance. We do not control ourselves. We are controlled by the lord of our lives.”
― Rebecca Manley Pippert,
Out of the Saltshaker and Into the World

"Idol Hope", Nikon D800, ISO 200, f/8 at 1/125 sec., 78mm

“Idol Hope”, Nikon D800, ISO 200, f/8 at 1/125 sec., 78mm
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Photographing people, places, pets and ponderings.

Booking family, personal, business and pet portrait sittings throughout Central Florida

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Handle with Hope

“This is the sad thing about love: we love hard and we grieve hard.”
– Unknown

On Facebook today, a friend posted this truth on my wall: “Having to see someone you love so much in such pain is grief.” Unfortunately, they couldn’t be more correct. Yet, when doctors tell you there is no hope, have hope. Hope provides balance in the face of despair. Without hope, there would be no miracles.

I apologize that new posts have been infrequent these last few weeks. New photos and new work have had to take a back seat to caring for James as he struggles to survive. Thank you for your continued support as we cope with the horror and heartbreak of cancer.

"Door Handle" [Click the image to enlarge/reduce its size.] Nikon D300, ISO 320, f/2.4 at 1/750 sec., 200 mm

“Door Handle” [Click the image to enlarge/reduce its size.] Nikon D300, ISO 320, f/2.4 at 1/750 sec., 200 mm


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If Cancer Had A Face

Is this the face that haunts us?
He that invades our lives with pain, heartbreak and fear?
He that seeks to destroy our future? A future once so bright and secure.
Is this the face that takes it away;
Takes everything, leaving only Love to stand naked and alone?
You cannot create, so you have to destroy.
You deceive, driving others to chaos.
And still your face pales next to the face of Love.
You destroy the body, but you can’t degrade Love.
We’ve seen evidence of Greater Promises, and it has changed us.
Truth, Faith and Grace will take us through to a better Day,
When Love shall be renewed and together we can acknowledge:
The price was cheap enough.

"Ghoul" [Click on the image to enlarge/reduce its size.] Nikon D300, ISO 320, f/3.3 at 1/2000 sec., 85 mm

“Ghoul” [Click on the image to enlarge/reduce its size.] Nikon D300, ISO 320, f/3.3 at 1/2000 sec., 85 mm


We learned this last Thursday that James’ cancer, which was in full remission, has returned. Despite James’ horrible pain and discomfort, we have plans to travel to DC soon to be married by Rev. Cedric Harmon. I am flying up tomorrow to apply for our license, then there’s the obligatory 3-5 day wait for turnaround and processing. Sadly, Florida will not acknowledge our Civil Rights and there is no place closer we can go to get this done. We are thus forced to endure the expense and hardship of travel. After 21 years of committing our lives to God and each other, we deserve this happiness amidst this hell. James wants to ensure that no matter what happens, we can receive the benefits we are entitled to by right and by Liberty. We humbly and gratefully request your prayers for healing and strength to get us through these difficult days. Thank you and God bless. — Earl

Struggling for Hope

Nikon D300, ISO 500, 85mm, f/5.6, 1/25 sec

Nikon D300, ISO 500, 85mm, f/5.6, 1/25 sec

Broken and torn, shattered
shards of dreams and promises litter the floor
inflicting new pain as we step through the memories
progress, hindered by repetition of the unknown and the unwanted.

Agony, punctuated by tears
what happened? why this? why him? please wake up!
this isn’t where we’re supposed to be
remorse for what has been lost, fear of what is to come.

The loved and the loving
stand helpless and unappeased
watching lives dissolving in torrents of wet grief
mouths incapable of finding words to match the depth of the heart.

Trust, believe and fight, fight, fight
there is a plan, a purpose not yet revealed
counsels echo through the hours in the struggle for hope
and he reaches out to touch the hem of a beautiful cherished robe.

– December 10, 2012


Last August, on the eve of my birthday, we learned that my partner of 20 years had a new battle with cancer to fight. Having already been through 5 surgeries over the course of 4 years, we thought we had passed through this valley once and for all when he was pronounced cancer-free following radiation treatments ending in October, 2011. A PET scan reiterated this finding in February, 2012.With the August pronouncement of a new tumor in a new location, we packed our house and moved across the country to be closer to family. Perhaps you have noticed that this had a significant impact on my ability to post on my blog until now. With computer and camera gear now accessible at last, I shall strive to update it more regularly, occasionally sharing moments of this journey into hell and perhaps finding a bit of catharsis in the process.

Because They Are Family

If you have never known the experience of owning a cat or dog, you’ve missed out on one of the most rewarding stewardship opportunities available to man. A pet that is loved and cared for will show you unconditional love and trust while bringing you endless joy in return. The relationship that forms between man and beast is not random, it is a gift of intelligent design; a demonstration of the cycle of giving upon which all life depends. On the other hand, the loss of a pet can cause grief one unfamiliar with the experience may not understand or even be able to comprehend.

A recent stroll through an unfamiliar cemetery in town led to the discovery of a wonderful memorial garden dedicated to our furry friends. I did not know then that in just a couple of days, I would be saying goodbye to Seamus MacKitty, so in hindsight it seems kind of fitting that I had this preparatory opportunity to reflect on the significance pets can have in our lives.

I was touched as I looked around and read the epithets, name plaques and some of the beautiful and even whimsical sculptures people had placed in remembrance of animals that had become, without question, part of “the family.” In some cases, no doubt, these beloved creatures were the only family the people who loved them and placed these markers knew. Just think about that for a moment before you read on…

I have a couple of friends who have also had to recently face the loss of a pet. Though we sorrow, we recognize how fortunate – how blessed – we have been to have them as part of our lives. We recognize that they have enriched our days and expanded our hearts. We think of the times they brought us so much joy, of the smiles they so often drew across our faces. As pet owners, we are unashamed of our love for a “dumb beast” because we know there is no such thing.

Having beheld, we have become changed.

I’ll close this post with a link to one of my favorite songs from artist Peter Gabriel, “I Grieve”, from his (brilliant) 2002 album “Up”. While written in tribute to the events of 9/11, it is a poignant statement of grief that briskly stirs the emotions of my heart.

Drops of Light

Drops of Light 1

Drops of Light 2

There is something magical about early morning. It’s the time when I find myself most at ease and in tune with myself and the world that surrounds me. It is the time when I reflectively study God’s Word. It is the time when the rushing din of the day ahead hasn’t yet drowned out the bird’s song, the gentle notes of wind chimes, or the soft gurgling sound of brewing coffee.

I love to venture outside in the peaceful early hours of the day, too. It’s a wonderful time for photography: the lighting is right, the streets and sidewalks aren’t overcrowded yet, and it gives me the enhanced opportunity to see things a little differently.

It was on one of these morning outings, after a night of rain, that I came across this wet, wintered plant. It first caught my eye because of the way it seemed to shimmer from a distance in the light of the new day’s sun. Though it was brown and dormant for the winter, this plant still appeared renewed and refreshed by the sun and the rain. It spoke to me of the promise of the Spring that is to come and of the fresh, dynamic colors that are just waiting to flower. It spoke to me of new life, new love, and new beginnings still to be discovered.

In these images I see hope and the promises of my faith.

These images are available as cards or prints from EarlHarrisPhotography.com