The Yellow Iris

“We look at the world once, in childhood. The rest is memory.”
― Louise Glück

Nikon D300, ISO 200, 1/8000 sec. at f/2.8, 50 mm


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Beautiful Two-Lips


Nikon D300, ISO 200, f4, 1/1000th

There are tulips in the garden,
There are tulips in the park,
But none is more beautiful
Than two lips meeting in the dark.
— Anonymous

Yellow Tulips & My First Haiku Attempt

The tulips bloom:
sputter out.

This isn’t a new photograph, but it is the one that pretty much marks the beginning of my love affair with photographing tulips. One of the things I most look forward to each spring is the appearance of the gorgeous tulips that grow so prolifically in the yards of Salt Lake Valley homes, parks and gardens. They are a reminder that we’ve reached the few months of reprieve from the cold. Along with the daffodils, hyacinths and crocus, they burst forth in a beautiful display of color, igniting the landscape all too briefly.


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Cherry Blossoms In Vase

“I want to do to you what
spring does with the cherry trees.”

– Pablo Neruda

Cherry Blossoms in Vase

To The Edges Of My Soul

“If you’ve never been thrilled to the very edges of your soul by a flower in spring bloom, maybe your soul has never been in bloom.” ~Audra Fuveo

Gerbera Daisy

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Spring Fire

Tulips are my favorite flowers. There are so many colors, variations and hybrids for the eyes to consume! Today’s post features photographs from 2009. I’m not sure what variety of tulip this is, but I dubbed it Spring Fire. (If you know what it really is, please leave a comment below!)

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The Enkindled Spring

The Enkindled Spring

This spring as it comes bursts up in bonfires green,

Wild puffing of emerald trees, and flame-filled bushes,

Thorn-blossom lifting in wreaths of smoke between

Where the wood fumes up and the watery, flickering rushes.

I am amazed at this spring, this conflagration

Of green fires lit on the soil of the earth, this blaze

Of growing, and sparks that puff in wild gyration,

Faces of people streaming across my gaze.

And I, what fountain of fire am I among

This leaping combustion of spring? My spirit is tossed

About like a shadow buffeted in the throng

Of flames, a shadow that’s gone astray, and is lost.

– D. H. Lawrence

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Drops of Light

Drops of Light 1

Drops of Light 2

There is something magical about early morning. It’s the time when I find myself most at ease and in tune with myself and the world that surrounds me. It is the time when I reflectively study God’s Word. It is the time when the rushing din of the day ahead hasn’t yet drowned out the bird’s song, the gentle notes of wind chimes, or the soft gurgling sound of brewing coffee.

I love to venture outside in the peaceful early hours of the day, too. It’s a wonderful time for photography: the lighting is right, the streets and sidewalks aren’t overcrowded yet, and it gives me the enhanced opportunity to see things a little differently.

It was on one of these morning outings, after a night of rain, that I came across this wet, wintered plant. It first caught my eye because of the way it seemed to shimmer from a distance in the light of the new day’s sun. Though it was brown and dormant for the winter, this plant still appeared renewed and refreshed by the sun and the rain. It spoke to me of the promise of the Spring that is to come and of the fresh, dynamic colors that are just waiting to flower. It spoke to me of new life, new love, and new beginnings still to be discovered.

In these images I see hope and the promises of my faith.

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