Stumps of History

“The unrecorded past is none other than our old friend, the tree in the primeval forest which fell without being heard.”
— Barbara Tuchman

I couldn’t help but imagine how different this place must have been when a tree occupied the space where there is now only a stump. It’s cooling shade most likely comforted hot and weary workers and animals. I can imagine a tire swing suspended by a rope hanging from the lower branches, that swing occupying for many hours the attention and energy of those too young to help with the work but too old to need a mother’s constant care. I think of the birds, squirrels and other creatures that must have found shelter in that tree either temporarily or as a home for a lifetime. What is now a stump once supported, nourished and enhanced life. Although the present quickly passes, what’s past is present.

"Stumps of History", Nikon D800, ISO 640, f/13 at 1/1000 sec., 58mm

“Stumps of History”, Nikon D800, ISO 640, f/13 at 1/1000 sec., 58mm
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    1. I had a lot of fun processing this image. I think I was “finished” with it three different times, but it kept prodding me to try “one more thing” until finally it emerged as you see it. I love it when photos tell me how they want to be treated. 😉 i’m so pleased you like it.


  1. The camera told you what to photograph, and then the photograph told you how to process it? That must be what creative flow feels like. You’re being far too humble, Earl, I can’t breathe when I look at this image! You should put a warming 🙂 label on your photos something like “objects in photograph are hotter and more humid than they appear”: you make central Florida look so inviting that I and maybe a million more people are ready to move there.


    1. That’s exactly how it feels, Carl — crazy though it may sound or be! It’s that archetypal Muse possessing and controlling one’s creative energies. At least it SEEMS to be more poetic than just “those little voices that tell me what to do.” 🙂
      You’re welcome to come visit, but to those million others: “Please. Stay home.”


  2. I agree with your friend’s comments, and I am prodded again to suggest you explore a photo/journalist occupation. You have an inborn talent with both the camera and words.


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