“Moonlight does things to a street scene that no other natural or man-made phenomenon can effect. People walk slower, their smiles lingering on contended faces. Horses that usually move along fast enough to stir up the dust off the street plod lazily in the clear, cool night. And in dark corners where people forget to look, the goons come out.”
― Bailey Bristol, The Devil’s Dime

While the quote above refers to actual moonlight, I’ve long enjoyed the quirkiness of the street scene created by the service counter entrance to Moonlight Starter and Generator. In business for nearly 40 years, it’s a quiet place where things do seem to move slower. You may notice in the photo how things are “in dark corners where people forget to look”, though perhaps not so much forgotten as ignored.

"Moonlight Starter" [Click the image to enlarge/reduce its size.] Nikon D300, ISO 320, f/3.3 at 1/4000 sec., 85 mm

“Moonlight Starter” [Click the image to enlarge/reduce its size.] Nikon D300, ISO 320, f/3.3 at 1/4000 sec., 85 mm


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I’m on Instagram at @EarlHarrisPhoto, where I am posting photos captured and edited solely on my iPhone. If you like cat photos, I seem to be posting a lot of them there… #instagramcats


  1. God has blessed you with this talent of observation. Trees are fascinating to me. Think about standing under a huge old oak tree like the ones at First Baptist and looking up toward the sky. So thick that the rain can hardly penetrate. I also like the dead ones as the one in the pasture by Pleasant Hill elem. school. The changes that tree has witnessed and its fortitude as it even withstands the storms. Have a blessed week.


    1. Betty, I do so appreciate your kind words and repeat visits to I Shutter at the Thought!.

      I also love magnificent trees – like the beautiful old oaks at Rose Hill Cemetery or those at FBC you mention. I drive past what was once my grandparent’s home site now and it pains me that the ancient oaks were removed to create a drive-thru lane for the credit union now there. Sadly, they couldn’t withstand Man. But there isn’t much that seems to anymore, is there? You have a blessed week, too!


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