Undie Run

There’s Now One Less Trick In My Public Speaking Arsenal

Never. Never, never, never. Not in my wildest imaginings did I imagine such a thing would happen here, in Salt Lake City, Utah! And when it appeared it would, I knew I just had to be there with my camera!

Who'd have thought these guys would have something to protest?!

The newspaper stories estimate that “thousands ran down State Street in protest” Saturday, wearing nothing but their underpants as they participated in the Utah Undies Run. Local resident Nate Porter started the idea on Facebook, thinking nothing much would come of it. Nate’s plans met a different fate, and thousands — thousands — RSVP’d to join in the event, which would begin at Salt Lake City’s Gallivan Center, head north on State Street to the State Capitol, then turn around and head back to the starting point.

The Undies Run was meant as a protest against the uptight and often idiotic laws that proliferate Utah. But it turned out to be an opportunity for participants to protest pretty much anything they don’t like, law-related or otherwise. Among the protests calling for separation of church and state and reasonable liquor laws were more individualized and personalized statements of despair. And others were just, well, either fun or frightening! (You know that really overweight guy that shows up at the beach or community pool wearing a Speedo? He also shows up at Undie Runs…)

You mean I can't polka in Provo?

There were so many superheroes in attendance, I feared super-villains might have a solid chance of taking over the planet. But it was no time at all before I discovered the super-villains were attending, too.

Batman and The Flash lost their leotards, but kept their skivvies

And when the time finally came to count the attendees for the folks at The Guinness Book of Records, a miscommunication caused someone to open the gate for the runners to begin their sprint before a count could take place!

A good-spirited Nate Porter told newspaper reporters not to worry, though: Utah Undie Run 2012 will be just around the corner… Driving home, I realized I’d never again be able to use the trick of imagining an audience in their underwear when speaking in front of a large crowd. The crowd doesn’t care, and some really made me scared!

The crowd for the count that never was...

I’ve posted over 150 photos on-line along with convenient (and affordable!) options to commemorate your attendance and/or participation in this event with photo prints, mouse pads, mugs and even key chains.

If you were there, there’s a pretty good chance you’re here!