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It’s Magic!

Baudrillard’s 3rd Order of Hyperreality: There is a reversal between the real and the representation, such that the representation precedes the real, and in fact, produces it. What it produces is “hyperreality”. Baudrillard posits that this has become our dominant way of understanding and experiencing the world.

Living just outside the world’s most popular theme park destinations comes with a special portion of head-scratching hoopla. Many attempts to draw in the tourists that Disney and Universal has already drawn in don’t last more than a month or two. Others manufacture a successful gimmick that enables them to explode and build multiple locations. And sometimes those gimmicks are painful to look at: vibrant reminders that very few of the people surrounding me at any time know anything about the reality of this place where I live. People seldom come here to visit what’s real here: the beautiful cypress swamps or what little is left of “natural Florida”. People come to visit the compounds of hyperreality built by entertainment corporations and to experience having their hard-earned cash magically disappear from their pockets. If one should happen to come out with money still in pocket, one need only remember the obligation to purchase discount souvenirs to take home to those that didn’t merit the full-priced, higher-quality versions. You’ll find at your disposal numerous locations adept at the magic of tourist cash transference available to happily help out.

"Gift Shop", Nikon D800, ISO 1600, f/5.0 at 1/50sec., 28mm

“Gift Shop”, Nikon D800, ISO 1600, f/5.0 at 1/50sec., 28mm

Photographing people, places, pets and ponderings.

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Street Portraiture: Faces of Kissimmee, #8

On Tuesday evenings from 4:00 to 7:00 PM, the Kissimmee Valley Farmers Market takes place downtown in front of the Civic Center. In addition to fresh grown and handmade goods, one can also get fresh information on other happenings in the area.

Kayla is a purveyor of local information. She is just the kind of person you want to encounter if you’re an out-of-towner looking for things to do that are more real and less derived than the area theme parks. She listened with interest as I explained my “Faces of Kissimmee” project. To my excitement, she said she’d seen some of the photos from the series I’ve already posted. And she liked them, too! I knew then she couldn’t say “no”, so I popped the question and clicked the shutter.

"Kayla" [Click image to enlarge/shrink size] Nikon D300, ISO 320, f.1.8 at 1/1500 sec., 85 mm

“Kayla” [Click image to enlarge/shrink size] Nikon D300, ISO 320, f.1.8 at 1/1500 sec., 85 mm


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