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Yesterday, I got up pretty early in the morning and made the hour-or-so drive to Daytona Beach to see and photograph the sunrise. It turned out to be a pretty overcast morning once I got there. Because I had stopped to take a few photos of a building glowing in the darkness that caught my eye, I was late. I ended up getting there about 10 minutes after the initial peek of the sun over the crest of the ocean horizon. (I’ll share the photo of the building in a future post.)

Over the course of my beach walk, I came upon Nancy. Nancy is a local to the area. She has a smile that was as warm as the rising sun embracing the earth with the light of a new day. She was great fun to speak with and finally I asked if I could take a candid beach portrait. She was happy to oblige me.

Here’s your photo, Nancy. I hope you like it.

Nikon D300, ISO 320, f/13 at 1/60 sec., 82 mm

Nikon D300, ISO 320, f/13 at 1/60 sec., 82 mm



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Golden Glow (Adventures in Natural Light Ratios)

He whose face gives no light, shall never become a star.
– William Blake

Nikon D300, ISO 640, 1/250 sec at f/16, 105 mm


Contrast in Nature

Joy and grief are never far apart. In the same street the shutters of one house are closed while the curtains of the next are brushed by the shadows of the dance. A wedding party returns from the church; and a funeral winds to its door.
– Robert Eldridge Willmott

Nikon D300, ISO 200, 1/350 sec at f/4.8, 35 mm


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