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Blue Eyes

For I dipped into the future, far as human eye could see, Saw the vision of the world, and all the wonder that would be.
– Alfred, Lord Tennyson

Nikon D300, ISO 200, 1/45 sec at f/3.3, Nikkor 50 mm f/1.8


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I gave in, and admitted that God was God.
– C. S. Lewis

Nikon D300, ISO 320, 1/45 sec. at f/22, Nikkor 35 mm f/1.8

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Photography Prints


I’m an angel compared to some of my friends.
– Lindsay Lohan

Nikon D300, ISO 200, 1/15 sec at f/22, Nikkor 35 mm, natural light


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Sunset on the Oquirrh Mountains

Driving home the other night, I caught this shot of the sun setting across the Salt Lake Valley behind the Oquirrh Mountains. The nicest thing about this shot is that it hides the usually visible devastation of nature and life caused on these mountains by the deepest open-pit mine in the world, Rio Tinto’s Bingham Canyon copper mine.

Nikon D300, ISO 200, 1/45 sec. at f/13, Nikkor 35mm


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High (Altitude) Dynamic Range: Mirror Lake

There are two kinds of light–the glow that illumines, and the glare that obscures.
– James Thurber

Beautifully nestled among the fir trees growing at an altitude of 10,000 feet in Utah’s Uinta mountains rests Mirror Lake (Latitude: 40.70083 Longitude: -110.88361). It is without a doubt one of my favorite spots to watch the sun begin its journey above the horizon. You can see that the nearly perfect reflections of the lake’s surroundings on the surface of its crystal clear water provide the explanation for its self-explanatory name. Frequently, the only sound one hears is the cursing of a frustrated fisherman or a deer running through the woods. In its own way, it’s magical, and I love being touched by the magic.

For this post, I’m trying something a little different to bring out the magnitude of the beauty of Mirror Lake: HDR image processing. I hope you like the result.

Nikon D300, ISO 200, 6 seconds at f/5.6, f/8 and f/11, 18 mm


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A perfect summer day is when the sun is shining, the breeze is blowing,
the birds are singing, and the lawn mower is broken.

– James Dent

Nikon D300, ISO 640, 1/250 sec at f/5.6, 200 mm

I like this photo not only because I love watermelon, but because of the way it incorporates the primary colors: red, green and blue.


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One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star.
– Freiedrich Nietzsche, “Thus Spake Zarathustra”

Nikon D300, ISO 200, 1/30 sec. at f/4, 50 mm

Nikon D300, ISO 200, 1/15 sec. at f/4, 50 mm


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It’s Still Life

I had everything arranged as I wanted it. I turned my back to the scene and simultaneously depressed the remote shutter release. As I was shooting tethered, I looked at my computer screen and there I saw something unexpected. A happy accident had transformed my scene, giving it a completely different feel from what I’d envisioned. Though it wasn’t what I had planned, I had to admit I liked it.

Leave it to the cat that had previously been content to only watch from nearby to suddenly have a differing creative vision.

Nikon D300, ISO 200, 1/20 sec at f/9.5, Nikkor 35 mm


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Constructing an Abstract

Eventually, these lines, shapes, textures and values will be morphed into the new Federal Courthouse building in downtown Salt Lake City. At this point in the construction effort, however, I’m enjoying the abstract art the workers are creating.

Nikon D300, ISO 200, 1/500 sec at f/22, 35 mm


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Government Specifications

An elephant is a mouse built to government specifications.
– Robert A. Heinlein speaking through his character “Lazarus Long”

Nikon D300, ISO 640, 1/160 sec at f/18, 200 mm


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