Another Take on Madison

It was quite apparent from skyrocketing visit stats on Tuesday that Madison was good for my blog. 🙂 With more than just a frank lust for better blog stats in view, today I’m presenting another take on Madison.

I’ll begin by acknowledging that my father will hate this portrait. My most vocal critic, he usually doesn’t share my taste for what he considers unnecessary creative augmentation of photographs. I stand pleased with my defiance, however, because in this case both the subject of this portrait — and more importantly, her mother — really like it!

I have always been drawn to the nontraditional and that certainly includes photography. In my teens, my first photographic heroes were norm-smashers Jerry Uelsmann and Robert Mapplethorpe, and in many respects they retain those roles for me still. I personally hate being the subject of photographs, for they unfortunately tend to always end up looking just like me. I, therefore, find the application of some creative augmentation can help make a photo of me bearable. Then you have someone like Madison: visually unflawed, beautiful and well-loved by the camera — nothing was necessary to make this portrait more interesting, for she does that all on her own. However, I know Madison to be a complex and intelligent teenager with a whole lot more going for her than beauty. I thus wanted to visually represent her as all that; to reflect the many textures and layers of character that overlay someone who is far more than just a stunning young woman.

I hope you like the photo. I would like to do more portraits in this vein, but know it’s not something everyone will find to their taste. Is it yours?

"The Many Textures of Madison",  Nikon D800, ISO 200, f/5 at 1/125th sec., 82mm

“The Many Textures of Madison”, Nikon D800, ISO 200, f/5 at 1/125th sec., 82mm


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