John Dies at the End

Make Your Sad Go Away

“The man walked past me and stopped, observing the blood running down my neck.

“Your injury. Let us tend to it.” He looked out through the open doorway and silently gestured to someone out there. “Our world,” he said, “is far more advanced than yours. For reasons you’ll understand shortly.”

A thin, bony, naked woman entered the room, carrying two small, white kittens. She sat one of the fluffy cats in my lap and stuffed the other down my shirt. She turned and left.

“There,” said the large man. “The kittens will make your sad go away.”

-― David Wong, John Dies at the End

"Player vs. Prayer" Click here to view larger size. Nikon D800, ISO 200, f/7.1 at 1/80 sec., 62mm

“Player vs. Prayer”, Nikon D800, ISO 200, f/7.1 at 1/80 sec., 62mm
Click here for large view.

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