Eva Cassidy

Somewhere Over the Rainbow

So, I’ve been rather behind on keeping up with posts the last couple of weeks. There are major life events unfolding that are, frankly, my only priority right now. More on that to come in a future post.

Therefore, today’s post is my first ever (to my recollection) that doesn’t feature an original photograph. Instead it features a music video of Eva Cassidy, singing what I have believed for years is the best version of this song ever recorded. Eva lost her battle with cancer before soaring to the heights of fame she could have easily achieved.

I post this in honor and hope for those now battling cancer. Never stop fighting.

Eva Cassidy performing “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”, live at Blues Alley

Learn more about Eva Cassidy: The Eva Cassidy Story (on ABC Nightline)

If her voice doesn’t move you, you can’t be moved.