Good Friday

For those observing the Easter holiday, please remember to look beyond the Crucifixion to what it reveals about God. Happy holiday; God is love.

“The Cross exposes the diametrically opposed ruling principles of God and Satan. The other-focused, self-sacrificial love of the Servant God shines in stark contrast to the prideful and ambitious manipulator of the survival-of-the-fittest principle. The God who washes dirty feet is willing to die for his creatures. How different from the creature Satan, who did not shrink from asking his creator to worship him (Matthew 4:9)! The gentle persuasion by the God who values our freedom stands in strong opposition to the methods of force, fear and coercion that Satan uses. These opposing principles were clearly revealed at the Tree of Knowledge and at the Cross. In the end, our affiliation with the respective sides of the conflict is revealed by the methods we use, as well. We may proclaim the name of Jesus with our words, but if our methods include coercion and force, we become counterproductive to God’s Kingdom and inadvertently take sides with God’s enemy.
— Dorothee Cole, Servant God: The Cosmic Conflict Over God’s Trustworthiness, (234-35), emphasis mine

"Good Friday", Nikon D300, ISO 320, f/22 at 1/180 sec., 35mmClick the image to view larger size and available print options.

“Good Friday”, Nikon D300, ISO 320, f/22 at 1/180 sec., 35mm
Click the image to view larger size and available print options.

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It is Finished

“In every grave on earth’s green sward is a tiny seed of the resurrection life of Jesus Christ, and that seed cannot perish. It will germinate when the warm south wind of Christ’s return brings back the spring-tide to this cold sin-cursed earth of ours; and then they that are in their graves, and we who shall lie down in ours, will feel in our mortal bodies the power of His resurrection, and will come forth to life immortal.”
– David Gregg

Nikon D300, ISO 320, f/22 at 1/45th sec. 35mm

Nikon D300, ISO 320, f/22 at 1/45th sec. 35mm

“Earth’s saddest day and gladdest day were just three days apart!”
– Susan Coolidge

“All of heaven is interested in the cross of Christ, hell afraid of it,
while men are the only ones to ignore its meaning.”
– Oswald Chambers

Happy Easter from Earl Harris Photography


I gave in, and admitted that God was God.
– C. S. Lewis

Nikon D300, ISO 320, 1/45 sec. at f/22, Nikkor 35 mm f/1.8

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An Unacceptable Truth

An unbelieved truth can hurt a man much more than a lie. It takes great courage to back truth unacceptable to our times. There’s a punishment for it, and it’s usually crucifixion.
– John Steinbeck, East of Eden

Nikon D300, ISO 640, 1/1000 sec @ f/6.3, 36 mm, HDR


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