Reds, Whites and Blues

“The best way to forget ones self is to look at the world with attention and love.”
–Red Auerbach


“Reds, Whites and Blues”, Fujifilm X-T1, ISO 250, f/11 at 1/250th sec., 21.6 mm

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earl harris photography
Photographing people, places, pets and ponderings
throughout Central Florida.



  1. This is a stunning photo! I love the bright colors. To me, they draw my attention away from the lesser colors of the building. Nature can be so much more beautiful than man made structures. This photo makes me have a very cheerful feeling. Great job!!


    1. I like that you brought out the contrast between what I consider the beauty of nature and man-made efforts at creation in all its forms. I boosted the vibrancy in the colors because I wanted to have that bright, cheerful tone. Thanks for your comments – as always, I’m glad you enjoyed this photo.


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