Casual Portrait: Reverend Shirley

“Tell people how much I love them.
Feed my sheep.
Pour out my love on them.”
― Lisa Bedrick,
Poems about Life, Love and God

I photographed Rev. Shirley recently, as she briefly relaxed following a marriage celebration she officiated. She also leads the grief counseling group I attend. Rev. Shirley inspires me with her positivity, humor and the love she so generously shares with others. I am pleased to share her photograph.

Reverend Shirley

Reverend Shirley

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Photographing people, places, pets and ponderings throughout Central Florida.


  1. Beautiful picture!! I attended a grief meeting prior to coming to Louisiana to see my dad crossover to his permanent resting place with Jesus, my mom, and many other loved ones.
    The amount of love and care Rev Shirly and the others showed me was immeasurable. They sent me off 800 miles to the bayou land in Louisiana armored with Jesus’ powerful wings of courage and understanding.
    Thank you, Rev Shirley, surely your annointing helped me with this occasion.

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