I did an in-home portrait session with Sanjay Raja a couple of weeks back and learned he has a very unique perspective on fitness and nutrition. His background in the field of medicine and experience as an athlete have given him a dynamic outlook on health and fitness. Sanjay has over 10 yrs of experience working as a consultant with a variety of physicians and surgeons, helping treat various disease states and providing education on new surgical techniques. As an athlete, he has competed in amateur MMA fights. Sanjay has developed a comprehensive approach to what he calls functional fitness. He stresses the importance of nutrition and how augmenting nutrition can help the body function better in our daily lives. Most important to his approach is how tailored nutrition and meal plans can help his clients achieve their personal fitness goals for weight loss, gaining muscle, or nutrition for sport-specific training. He says the biggest difference in this approach is that it is sustainable because it involves a true lifestyle change with long-term benefits based on science, physiology and nutrition instead of a short-term solution with short-term results. If interested, you can learn more on his “Team No Excuses” website.



Photographing people, places, pets and ponderings
throughout Central Florida.


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