Something’s Bugging Me

I’m doing something wrong and cannot figure out what it is. Despite a few years of making a serious attempt to photoblog, my efforts fail to garner visits. I’m fortunate if a post gets 20 – 30 views in a 24-hour period. Shares are non-existent and the same few loyal followers (thank you!!) seem to generate the few comments that are posted. I faithfully visit, follow and interact with other photo and non-photo blogs; I tweet; I Pin; I comment; I “like”; I try new things like themed wallpaper giveaways; I reblog other blog posts occasionally and… Nothing. Of course, I’ve considered that it could simply be that my work isn’t appealing, but I question how people reach that conclusion when it isn’t really being seen.

I’m therefore prompted to ask a question of any who read this post, particularly those who are authoring successful blogs โ€” you who get more “likes” in 24 hours then I get views in a week(!):
“What am I missing or doing wrong?”
Your honest feedback, suggestions or advice from your own experience would be most appreciated.

"Yellow Bug", Nikon D800, ISO 250, f/3.5 at 1/4000 sec., 28 mm

“Yellow Bug”, Nikon D800, ISO 250, f/3.5 at 1/4000 sec., 28 mm



      1. From my limited experience, it appears that my most ‘liked’ posts often seem to evoke some kind of emotion/reaction from the viewer. My photos may not be ‘unique’ in the sense that I discover a new species of animals or travel to exotic lands (ahhh, if only!). But, I try to capture the emotion of what I’m seeing with my camera, with the sincere wish that it will some transfer some of that feeling to whomever is viewing the photo. Of course, I’m sure you already know this ๐Ÿ™‚ I just wanted to share my experience thus far… And, folks seem to love them photos of cats…wild & domestic ๐Ÿ˜‰


        1. Your photos do indeed capture emotion and intrigue, Takami. ๐Ÿ™‚ My problem seems to center around just getting readers to find/view my page to even see the photos I post there. I’m not getting visits or views so nothing else (likes and new follows) can be expected. It seems my focus needs to be on just getting the word out about my blog, but perhaps I am being naรฏve. Thanks; I’ll have to think more about appealing to emotion!


    1. Hmmm. Interesting comment. I will have to ponder that one and figure out what that might be! To be honest, I was hoping that in some ways I was already doing that, but obviously I need to think about that more. Thanks for the suggestion, Wade!


  1. I know what’s wrong !!! You are using to many tags in your entries so you don’t appear in the wordpress reader. Max 10 tags otherwise, you are not in it. So.. you can’t gain any view from the reader.. I hope it makes sense ! Give it a go !

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      1. I’m 100% sure of that. One time, I post about my road trip, and I had only a few visits and that was a lot less than usual but the content wasn’t specially bad compared to the other entries. Then tried to find myself in the reader with the tag Iceland, and I couldn’t find my post. I had 13 tags. Then I realized that all my others entries had less than 10 tags. I did some research on the forum and I’ve found that you can’t put more than 10 otherwise you are not in the reader. Then I changed and I found myself in the reader ! It’s a stupid mistake but it can cost you some visibility ๐Ÿ™‚


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