Walking To A New Life

“Today a bride,
Tomorrow a wife,
Forever your little girl.”
— Unknown

Today’s photo is another from the wedding I photographed last month. It’s an example of a “happy disappointment”; it wasn’t the shot I was going for — I had hoped to catch the bride and her father looking straight ahead. But that didn’t happen while they were within the area I wanted them placed in the composition. I took the shot anyway and I’m glad I did. I hope you like it, too.

"Walking To A New Life", Nikon D800, ISO 640, f/8 at 1/125 sec., 28 mm

“Walking To A New Life”, Nikon D800, ISO 640, f/8 at 1/125 sec., 28 mm


Photographing people, places, pets and ponderings™
throughout Central Florida.

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  1. Hello Earl,
    I’m so glad you decided to take the shot. This is so beautiful!
    To me, it appears as though the father and daughter are sharing one more ‘father-daughter’ moment before he gives her away to the groom. Bittersweet & happiness, so many emotions. I love it!
    Hope all is well,
    Takami 🙂


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