Celebration Hotel

“Business is leisure when you find pleasure in it.”
― Peter Adejimi

As promised in yesterday’s post, today’s photo is the last of those I captured in my photo-walk around Celebration Town Center last Sunday. I have quite enjoyed the focus on black-and-white with these images; it was my intent when I set out to photograph scenes that would translate well to B&W, and the bright afternoon sun combined with the dramatic skies of an approaching storm were well-suited to that objective. All of the photos that day were also the product of my first real “street outing” with the Tokina AT-X 16-28mm F2.8 PRO FX lens. I’m pleased; there will be more.

"Celebration Hotel", Nikon D800, ISO 640, f/22 at 1/320 sec., 28mm

“Celebration Hotel”, Nikon D800, ISO 640, f/22 at 1/320 sec., 28mm

Photographing people, places, pets and ponderings.

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  1. I had set out with the objective of capturing photos that would draw on the natural high contrast created by the bright early-afternoon sun and the approaching storm. I might just have to do a color version and compare now! 🙂


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