Up for Discussion – Infrared Photography

I have had a longtime love affair with infrared film for its ability to transform landscapes and clouds. I like that it’s possible to give images an infrared feel in post, but am strongly considering having my Nikon D200 converted for true infrared capture. It’s not an inexpensive conversion though: just under $500 at my best local camera repair shop. I’m sharing/reblogging a post from Leanne Cole that’s got me itching to bite the bullet and just get it done. Your thoughts?



  1. Thank you for providing the link to the post about infrared photography! I learned something new, and wow, it is really cool 🙂 You’re right, $500 is not inexpensive, but might be worth it, especially if it allows your more flexibility/choices in your craft. Ahhh, decisions, decisions… And I’m starting to understand why photography is often referred to as an ‘expensive hobby.’ I always have to shut my eyes when walking past camera/electronics stores… 😀


  2. I have always loved the expression of infrared captures. I used infrared film back the days of film – and would love to have a camera converted to capture infrared. If it’s only 500 dollars, I might actually consider it. Thanks for sharing the information.


  3. Earl, if you start rhapsodizing about your new IR camera and what great photographs can be taken from drones, I for one will assume that you’ve landed a very lucrative contract with a three-letter agency.


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