The Parable of the Woman Stoned

When they persisted in questioning Him, He stood up and said to them, “The one without sin among you should be the first to throw a stone at her.”
— John 8:7

A downward glance and sunglasses hide her face from view—an archetypal expression of shame, guilt and condemnation. The symbol of Christianity hanging around her neck provides context. The quote on her shirt reveals her condition. How would you complete this visual parable?

I hope you enjoy the photo. Please leave your thoughts/comments below.

"A Public Stoning", Nikon D800, ISO 800 f/10 at 1/200sec., 135mm

“A Public Stoning”, Nikon D800, ISO 800 f/10 at 1/200sec., 135mm
Click the image for larger view.

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  1. I must admit to being completely confused by this picture/slogan/subject. The woman in John chapter 8 wasn’t a ‘whore’, she was an ‘adultress’, and the Bible doesn’t mention any other times, so I suppose that for legal purposes we can assume it was just that once. (I always wondered what adultery had to do with adulthood, or adulthood with it.) I mean, it wasn’t like she was Mary Magdalene, right? And what about the person she was adulterating or adulterizing with? Why didn’t they get stoned too or instead? I can’t recall anyone being actually stoned in the Bible, even the Old Testament, so have all references to actually being stoned in the Bible been excised by volunteers from D.A.R.E.? Back to the topic: so her shirt means that she is more stoned than not at all? Well, good for her. I think.


    1. You win, Carl! Though my Scribes & Pharisee’s Pocket Thesaurus does suggest “adulteress” can be replaced with “whore”, it indicates it should be further delineated by appending “of Babylon”. Since this girl was in Daytona Beach – a fine, upstanding, moral fortress of a Florida coastal community — your argument still holds bong water.
      I appreciate that you took the time to cerebralize my post and comment. It’s great to know someone actually reads these narratives (when prompted)!


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