I’m sharing this post from New Orleans photo-blogger Ray Laskowitz. I enjoy Ray’s work and blog, and any of my readers interested in developing their photography skills will find there’s a great lesson here. Enjoy — and be sure to check out some of Ray’s other posts/images.


Jackson Square and St. Louis Cathedral. Jackson Square and St. Louis Cathedral.

This picture is a great example of why I get emotionally, mentally and psychically tired when I work the way that I do. I’ve never seen anybody take a picture of this scene. Yes. Sure. We all photograph Jackson Square. We all photograph St. Louis Cathedral. Inside and out. But, I’ve never seen anybody include the wrought iron fence that surrounds Jackson Square. Not even me. Certainly not in this way.


When I get my mind, heart and soul in synch and I’m in the zone, I see things I normally don’t. This is one of those pictures. I was passing Jackson Square on the downriver side heading back into the center of the Quarter and I looked up. Wow! There it was. How many times have I passed this way? I have no idea. A lot. But, on this night with all my…

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