Contrast and Reflection

Posts have been absent the last 10 days or so because of my focus on preparing for and executing my first showing at an outdoor art festival this past weekend: the Port Orange ArtFest. A lot of work — and a good deal of time and expense — went into the preparation: I had to buy a table and display grids and mat board and sleeves and photo paper and ink — lots of paper and ink — and signage and frames and … You get the idea. It was an investment in time and money that was well worth it. The first public exhibit of my images, this was a unique opportunity for me to get real-time, candid feedback on my work. The best feedback was typically not directed to me, but was observed as I watched and listened to people going through my booth. Curious to see what would appeal to people, I took a variety of images as matted 9×6 prints to offer for sale. One of those I almost did not take was Cornered – a recent abstract piece published here on April 6th. It was the first piece that sold and a nice bit of encouragement to continue my photographic abstracts. It was a good opportunity to mingle and converse with a diverse crowd. It was both fun and educational to engage with those that took time and real interest in viewing my images, asking questions about technique and locations and lighting. One visitor spent over 30 minutes perusing my work and speaking with me; she ended up buying 2 prints. In the end, I walked away having learned a lot about my own images and excited to participate in another show — after all, I invested in the necessary gear so I may as well use it! So, I’ve sent in my vendor registration for the Space Coast Pride festival on May 25th in Melbourne.

Today’s photo is another one from my trip earlier this month to Dalton, Georgia and captured at Prater’s Mill around 7:30 AM. I liked the deep shadows and the way the vapor coming up off the water nicely blurred the transition between the shore line and the reflecting waters of Coahulla Creek. I hope you like it, too.

"Coahulla Creek", Nikon D800, ISO 200, f/9.0 at 1/40 sec., 98mm

“Coahulla Creek”, Nikon D800, ISO 200, f/9.0 at 1/40 sec., 98mm
Click the image to view larger size and available print options.

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  1. Hello Earl, many congratulations on a successful exhibit! Your ‘absence’ was certainly noted (and I was planning to send you a PM to see how you were doing) but what a relief to know that you were busy doing exciting things 🙂 I wish I could have visited the festival in-person. Maybe you’ll have a gallery in Tokyo someday? 😉 Once again, congratulations, and thank you for sharing another beautiful photo in today’s post.


  2. It was great seeing you and your work in Port Orange. I’m glad you had the opportunity to showcase your work and I hope you get the chance to do it again soon.


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