Kalanchoe, Corrected

Don’t you hate it when you learn you’ve been wrong about something most of your life? I got my first kalanchoe (ka-lan-cho) as a teenager many, many years ago. We got this one 3 or 4 years ago in Utah. Today, I discovered via the Internet that it’s not a ka-lan-cho at all, but a ka-lan-ko-ee. You’d think my closest friend of 37 years — an expert horticulturist — would have corrected my pronunciation. Knowing him, though, he just enjoyed my folly and laughed about it silently on the inside when I erred. I hate that, too.

Enjoy the photo!

"Kalanchoe", Nikon D800 in DX mode, ISO 100, f/29 at 72 sec., 60mm DX micro

“Kalanchoe”, Nikon D800 in DX mode, ISO 100, f/29 at 72 sec., 60mm DX micro
This one really looks best viewed at a larger size. Click here or on the photo.

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  1. Don’t feel like the Lone Ranger; people have been letting me pronounce protea ‘pro-TAY-ah’ instead of ‘PRO-tee-ah’ for at least 20 years. Grrrrr! I had never seen a kalanchoe before, but your mysterious photo makes me want to see more of them.


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