Ella Phzztgerald

Continuing the “Cat Week” theme…

Ella is a Tortoiseshell, the term applied to describe her unique coloring. Almost always female, Tortoiseshells — or Torties — are typically known for having personalities as distinctive as their coloring of amber, black, cinnamon, brown and red; there’s no white as there is in a Calico. A fireball of personality, Ella is strong-willed, quite vocal and very territorial. She will hiss, spit and growl to demonstrate her displeasure with anything and everything from her chair being occupied to the water in her water bowl being the wrong temperature. She has been known to actually stomp her feet, spit and wail when something isn’t to her liking. This has earned her the name Ella Phzztgerald — “phzzt” being a phonetic approximation of the sound of her displeasure.

Lest this give you the wrong idea, Ella is also one of the sweetest and most affectionate cats you could ever hope to meet — once she gets to know you. Initially quite wary of strangers, she hides until she decides it’s safe to let you see her. Once that happens, though, it’s pure entertainment and affection from that point on.

"Ella Phzztgerald" [Click the image to enlarge/reduce its size.] Nikon D800 ISO 200, f/5.6 at 1/100 sec., 160mm

“Ella Phzztgerald” [Click the image to enlarge/reduce its size.] Nikon D800 ISO 200, f/5.6 at 1/100 sec., 160mm
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