Street Portraiture: Faces of Kissimmee, #33

Ryan was sitting on the street bench at the south-most end of Broadway, just outside of Jammers Music Center. He had his earphones in. If you were stretching to incorporate a bad joke in your dialog, you might say he was jammin’ to some music outside of Jammers Music. But I’d never stoop to bad jokes here…

I could see as I first approached him that behind Ryan’s glasses, his eyes were closed. Though he opened his eyes as I drew closer, I walked past without disturbing him. Upon reaching the end of the block, I turned around, then passed him a second time without saying a word. I often liken that little voice in my head to the GPS in my car, warning that I’ve made a grave error by ignoring its directives as it announces in a barely tolerant tone, “Recalculating!” Except the GPS in my head isn’t so nice: there would be no recalculating. It commanded me to stop, turn around and take the photo that was right there waiting to be taken. I finally opened my mouth and introduced myself…

I know I’ve said it here before: some days when I’m in search of street portraits, I find it can be difficult to ask the question the first time. You just have to push through it and do it anyway.

As a side note, I am very pleased with the quality and low noise of this high-ISO capture on the Nikon D800. You can see from the shutter speed that the high ISO wasn’t required, but as I’m still getting to know this camera, I’m still asking and playing with lots of “what if….?” scenarios.

“Ryan” [Click on image to enlarge/reduce its size.] Nikon D800, ISO 2500, f/3.2 at 1/8000 sec., 85 mm



  1. Wow. I am so enjoying your work. On King’s Hwy, they sometimes cross cattle “to get to the other side” which makes for a great picture.


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