Street Portraiture: Faces of Kissimmee, #26

Nick walked up to the corner where I was waiting to cross the street. On their way to the lakefront, he and his infant son, Hayes, were out to enjoy the beautiful afternoon. There was a nice breeze helping minimize the high levels of humidity we typically swim in as we move about here in Florida, so it was a nice day to be outside. Striking up a conversation, I learned that Nick had relocated from New Orleans to Kissimmee after the devastation of 2005’s Hurricane Katrina. He met his wife here, and he works hard doing restaurant remodeling jobs. Nick is another person I found it both easy and a pleasure to meet and speak with. I hope he likes his street portrait as much as I enjoyed taking it.

“Nick” [Click image to enlarge or reduce its size.] Nikon D300, ISO 320, f/2.0 at 1/8000 sec., 85 mm



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