The Gary Fong PowerSnoot®

Gary Fong has produced some of the most versatile and convenient flash modifiers on the market. Using a Gary Fong PowerSnoot® with a hand-held, off-camera Nikon SB-700 flash, I was able to capture the photo below in subdued natural light using no backdrop whatsoever. In fact, the “backdrop” in this photo consisted of lawn and garden equipment and shelves full of tools.


Nikon D300, ISO 200, f/22 at 1/250 sec., 50 mm, SB-700 flash, Gary Fong PowerSnoot®

The PowerSnoot quickly and safely attaches to most any standard-size flash unit and allows you to really focus and contain the burst of light emitted by the flash. It can produce some stunning, dramatic effects to spark your creativity and expand how you incorporate flash in your day-to-day photography.

Get the Gary Fong LSU-PS PowerSnoot High Power Focused Beam from


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  1. [Exclamation deleted], Earl! This photo is like watching a single ray of sunlight come out of a week of grey clouds to illuminate one perfect orchid!


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