Laundry Day

Polaroid Land 250

Polaroid 250 Land Camera

Sorting out our lives
like clothing
needing to be washed.

Concerned about bleeding,
dark stains,
color and texture.

Wanting to be clean
yet dirty
we plea for more soap.




  1. I’m glad to see your creative work emerging again, too! This room, this subject, and the way you treated it all evoke a feeling of timelessness for me: laundry has been done over and over for thousands of years, since we beat clothes on rocks, and will have to be done thousands of years from now, in some unimaginable way.


    1. I am having fun learning how to use the light to get a good shot out of the lack of controls on the Polaroid Land Camera. This is just a straight scan of the physical image that emerged from the camera, no digital editing other than the addition of the copyright.
      I am glad to be finding time in life again to pursue life itself. Cancer sucked up too much for too long.


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