It was the 80’s. Life was Good. (#2)

There is so much I could say about Danny, but I don’t have all day to write this post. He was an innovator, to say the very least. He was creative, daring, delightfully outrageous, and above all else, Danny was true to himself. Our friendship began in the 10th grade at Buchholz High School in Gainesville, Florida. That would have made it about 1977.

One summer afternoon in 1980, Danny put on his self-made MC Hammer pants (Note: MC Hammer didn’t design MC Hammer pants until the late 80’s) and white rubber boots and we headed downtown in my 1975 MG Midget convertible. We walked down the sidewalk enjoying people’s stares and as we passed an abandoned storefront, Danny reached out and tried the door. The photos that resulted were the first photos I ever captured that came with the feeling that I was really, truly creating something with my camera.

An illness took Danny much too soon. There was so much he and I shared that was fundamental to my view and experience of life. I miss him and still think of him often. I hope that in some way I am keeping his memory alive by sharing a few of these photos more than 30 years after we shared the fun and excitement of that afternoon.

“Danny” Ilford film and chemistry; Nikon camera; great friendship. Circa 1980.

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  1. I was only born in the 80’s and wasn’t lucky enough to grow up in the 80’s. But from the espressions here, i think i missed a whole lot!


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