It’s Still Life

I had everything arranged as I wanted it. I turned my back to the scene and simultaneously depressed the remote shutter release. As I was shooting tethered, I looked at my computer screen and there I saw something unexpected. A happy accident had transformed my scene, giving it a completely different feel from what I’d envisioned. Though it wasn’t what I had planned, I had to admit I liked it.

Leave it to the cat that had previously been content to only watch from nearby to suddenly have a differing creative vision.

Nikon D300, ISO 200, 1/20 sec at f/9.5, Nikkor 35 mm


I’m desperate for attention!
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  1. If you don’t tell anyone the cat wasn’t planned, they will think you are even more amazing to get the cat to cooperate!! Especially since cooperation is not in the cat dictionary or vocabulary. Either way it is a fantastic picture.


    1. Yes, yes… But had I made such a claim no one would have believed me because “cooperation is not in the cat dictionary or vocabulary”!
      Glad you like the photo. The chair is probably 110-120 years old and is one of my favorite pieces of furniture.


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