Georgian Cross

Nikon D300, ISO 400, 1/1500 sec at f/9.5, Nikkor f/1.8 35mm DX lens

If you would like a free copy of the above image suitable for use as a desktop background, please contact me .

Psalm 65:4



  1. Earl, what is your policy on using your photographs for our own personal enjoyment, e.g. desktops, screensavers, etc., if we don’t alter them and no one else sees them unless they happen to see your PC? I want to scrupulously respect your copyright, even in these days of [right-click][Save Image As…] when no one but me and God will know, and maybe if I keep my PC under a shelf …? Should we ask for each photograph for each use? Each photograph for all private uses? Or do you have a rate card? (e.g, each time your screensaver appears, the royalty is …) This is not entirely facetious for a change. ;=)


    1. Knowing that I cannot control what happens to images once I put them on my blog, I only post low-resolution images that have been diminished to the sRGB color space. This renders them in such a way that any efforts to enlarge them – say, to fill your desktop screen – or to print them will result in an image that looks so bad you won’t use it. They will look fine if you leave them at original size, and for that, I say go for it.
      I have been considering putting some images for sale as downloads on my SmugMug pages, and these could be used for screen savers, desktop backgrounds, etc. I have not done so yet because I didn’t think there would be much demand. Am I wrong?
      Thank you for asking this question. I appreciate your desire for honesty, integrity, and respect for image copyrights!


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