Refuge from the Misery of Life

There are two means of refuge from the misery of life –
music and cats.

– Albert Schweitzer

The Humane Society of Utah has some beautiful cats currently available for adoption. Here are just a few of the wonderful animals I photographed yesterday. If you are looking for a feline companion in the Salt Lake City, UT area, these guys would be so grateful if you’d come by and get acquainted.

Don’t shop; adopt!

Sebian, Kennel 108, Animal ID #A055175
This boy loves to love ya, baby! And who can resist those beautiful blue eyes?

Abbie has beautiful coloring, personality, and is waiting for you in Kennel 113. Her animal ID is A054997.

“Loki” must translate to “sweet” in this case, because this little one is more of a lover than a trickster. You can find Loki in kennel 106. Her animal ID is A026666.

Thomas didn’t want his picture taken; he just wanted to lay in my lap and snuggle! He’ll snuggle with you, too, when you stop by kennel 125 to say hello. His animal ID is A054342.

Please forgive me for getting personal for a moment, but I’d like to ask for your prayers for my grandmother, Phyllis, who is 99. While I was taking the photos used in today’s post, I learned she had fallen and broken her hip and shoulder after apparently suffering a heart attack. She is in hospital in critical condition, facing surgery today. Thank you and God bless!


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Thank you!


  1. I think it is a good thing that you are helping these animals. I agree don’t shop adopt there are wonderful animals in the shelters. More cats and kittens are put to sleep more than dogs. People, cats that are already full grown make super pets. I went to the shelter last October and adopted a 3 year old cat and she is definately a loving cat I am glad I have her.


    1. Thank you so much, Amy, and you are so right! I adopted a 10-year old cat and she is such a sweetheart. Sure, I won’t have her as long as I might another cat, but she and I are too busy bringing joy to each other’s lives to worry about that.


  2. Life is too short to spend it bringing misery to others, or letting misery come to others when we could be sharing joy instead. You know that we adopted 1-year-old Porter (formerly Dash) three months ago and he is SUCH a love sometimes … and SUCH a handful at other times. We tell him every day how happy we are that we chose him. All he wanted to do at the shelter was cuddle; we almost thought he was too passive. When he knew he was finally at home with us, he BLOSSOMED. Sometimes he seems to have ‘mushroom clouded’.
    That must be what makes animal photography as difficult as I have heard it is. Your photos make these cats look very poised, like Presidential cats. I’ll bet that especially at the shelter it’s hard to bring out their playful/ loving/ acrobatic sides. ;-).


    1. I love your “testimony”, Carl!
      And the key to cat photography is patience. You have to get to know them first, then politely ask if you can take their photo. Usually you can get them to tolerate you and your camera just long enough to pull off a few good shots. 🙂


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