My 100th Post: A Beautiful Smile

In March, I started taking this blogging thing seriously and initiated daily posting of a new photo and an all-out effort to build an audience for I Shutter At The Thought! Since then, I have learned so much from my reader’s comments and by following other photography blogs those comments have led me to.

The experience and the education has been extraordinary. I’m always excited to see where my blog visitors come from each day. People viewed yesterday’s post in Australia, the UK, South Africa, the UAE, Norway, Romania, India… How awesome is that? 🙂

I call the photo below A Beautiful Smile. It features a woman in traditional Somali dress whom I encountered at the Salt Lake City “Living Traditions” festival this past weekend. To meet her was to experience her; her smile, warmth and the energy of her character were infectious and amazing.

Nikon D300, ISO 200, 1/100 sec at f/9, 50mm (with Rachel’s crop suggestion in place)

As always, I urge you to critique this photo and leave your feedback in the Comments area below.


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I Shutter At The Thought!

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  1. congratulations on your 100th post! love this photo and agree — beautiful smile. the only thing i would maybe do is crop it just a little bit more at the top to fill the frame just a bit more. her face and expression is so dynamic and i can feel all of those ways that you describe her in this photo! i love it! and your blog inspires me to post more… i need to get on that!

    great photo!


  2. I love what you have captured in this woman. I don’t know much about photography, but I do know what photographs pluck my intuition … and by that measure, yours are getting pluckier by leaps and bounds. I’m not surprised at all that you’ve got viewers all over the world.


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