Photography’s Hidden Costs

Nikon D300, ISO 320, f/8 at 1/640 sec

It really doesn’t bother me that people look at me strangely when I suddenly lay down on my stomach on a public sidewalk to be able to get the angle I want for a photograph. When you’re serious about photography, you do what you’ve got to do to get the shot. We’ll ruin shoes, clothing, withstand inclement weather, get up at ridiculous hours, drive for miles, and even sit patiently waiting in the hope some perfect moment occurs.

Sometimes it’s worth it, sometimes you go home disappointed. But you keep doing it because you love it.

So here’s a plea for some honest feedback:
Today’s shot came at the cost of a close encounter between well-camouflaged, fresh, organic, canine variety fertilizer and my favorite comfortable shirt.

Was it worth it?




  1. Love it, Earl. It’s tulip festival here for the month of April — largest tulip farm in the country and it has a show garden with dozens (if not hundreds) of varieties. Migraine-inducing fields of color, and getting down and dirty for the perfect shot is what your job is all about: cool.


  2. Yep!! DEF worth it for the beautiful shot!!!! LOVELY, Earl!!!! Skagit Valley in Washington state has a gorgeous tulip festival we used to go to with my dad and Thanksgiving Point in UT is advertising theirs.


  3. Dog poo? Bah! That’s nothing. How about standing on the sidelines at a high school football game one night getting action shots, and getting taken out at the knees when the play goes your way and out of bounds? That hurt! At least the guy doing play-by-play on the radio saw fit to mention my name during his live broadcast as the victim. 😀


  4. Well…yes! And, a much more purposeful reason for such a close encounter than my last such encounter – an old friend and I seeing if we were too old to wrestle yet…in the yard…w/ a favorite shirt…Can you say, “Ey, chihuahua!”


  5. As long as whatever you have to do to get the shot doesn’t involve major bodily harm, then I say go for it! A little fertilizer would be nothing to get that shot, it’s beautiful.


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