Fun with Flâneur Photography

The term flâneur stems from a French masculine noun, and conveys the idea of one who strolls or wanders. According to Wikipedia, it was Charles Baudelaire who attached to it the derived meaning of “one who walks … to experience…”. That accurately sums up how I spent an hour-and-a-half and 300+ shutter clicks early this morning in Liberty Park. [Because I was bracketing my exposures +/-, this represents about 100 unique photos.]

What became clear was despite the fact I’ve been to Liberty Park many times over the years I’ve been doing time in Salt Lake City, I have never experienced it until this morning. Arriving early, there were few people around, and those that were around were either jogging or being walked by their canine companions. Most notably, there were no kids. No kids meant no screaming. No screaming meant quiet, tranquility, and the opportunity to listen to nature (though augmented by the white noise of the morning rush hour traffic on 700 East). In a word, “glorious!”


The locked Ferris wheel gate protects a popular summer attraction for kids


Love this door handle on the Chase Home Museum of Utah Folk Art


A rather creative use of the city's leftover pipe works as armrests on a very hard bench!


Someone left their bikes out in the rain... Oh well, at least it wasn't a cake! (Queue the Donna Summer disco track...)


I really liked the way the rain had formed droplets on this plant.


Does this qualify as an example of leading lines composition?

Possibly my favorite takeaway from the morning's efforts!

Cool bike stands outside the Tracy Aviary

The skeleton of the Ferris wheel against the rising sun; the rest is still in winter hibernation

I think my next flâneur outing is going to be downtown on an early Sunday morning, when our city has rolled up the sidewalks. I have no doubt that what I haven’t taken the opportunity to experience before will amaze me.



  1. Your attention to the graphics during this outing were great. And surely, out of 300+ shutter clicks, taken at a ‘quiet time’ without interruption, you have more “clicks” that we viewers would love to see. How about it?


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