Fear Can Bind Us Like a Fortress

What an amazingly powerful thing is fear. It moves one even more noticeably than does love. It manifests itself in an infinite variety of forms, both physical and mental. Swiftly, it is able to overcome and succumb even the strongest of character, reducing them to breakable servants of its hopeless illusions. Bound and blinded by the depths of its black waters; crushed relentlessly by its’ waves which pound against our souls.

Is there a creature on this earth that has complete immunity from this disease? Or may all be torn from their paths by the iron grip of Fear. It is a demon that can possess every cell of its victim; it can manipulate and wrench from our hands the God‑given right to make choices.

It knows but one opponent. It can be successfully reduced by only one agent, an agent we must fully trust to aid us in victory; indeed, trust is its very base! Its torment can only be ceased by an invocation of Faith. Faith can heal us of this plague when employed willfully and in strength. It is Faith that must lie at the core of our strength. It can move mountains or form a foundation no attack can weaken.

Our lives must be an eternal exercise of Faith. Fear stands waiting at all times to catch us off-guard. It is then that it strikes and holds us within vice‑like jaws; piercing through and through with its venom-filled fangs. We must always bear the sword of Faith; we must ever be poised with strength and courage to cut off the serpent’s head.


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